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First of all congratulations for your new professional journey in the world’s most amazing part called UAE that offers as same standard of living as you have back-home and the only thing you have to cope with it the intense heat and for that, rather than being worried, find a solution and in doing it, you come across Arab drinks meant for it. Interestingly, they not only beat the heat but also keeps you hydrated particularly if your work involves outdoor activities.

Yes, with being so healthy, they are affordable too and nothing should come in your way to make these amazing drinks, the integral part of your routine. These traditional drinks have the ability of maintaining your energy level; thus, you don’t mind skipping your meal with feeling much active at workplace. This blog manifests the most popular Arab drinks to try in summer and stay hydrated.

So check the perfect list below.

1-Laban Ayran

Honestly, no matter how much intense heat is outside, you don’t feel hesitated going into it with the single cup of this drink, so adding it to your regular diet is beneficial. It consists of the yogurt that is always recommend to eat during summer. You just need salt, water and fresh yogurt to make this fantastic drink and since it doesn’t require you going into kitchen, you can also make it at workplace with having all three mentioned ingredients. Furthermore, you can also try using sugar instead of salt depending on your particular choice. Additionally, whenever you need to find an affordable flight, you should go with the Etihad promo code.


It is also the top-class drink that you can use in summer and eliminate the heat specifically while working outdoors. Moreover, this milk drink maintains your energy level properly and you stay active despite of having no meal for so long in a day at workplace. This awesome item is made of the fermented brown-bread, coconut powder, sugar and milk and the easy-making also turns this drink into the essential element of everyone’s life living in the Gulf region.

3-Tamr Hindi

It also strengthens your body to deal with intense heat and the natural ingredients makes it more body-friendly, so do try it and find another interesting way of keeping your body hydrated. No way, the making of this drink also never costs you a lot and in just few minutes, you come-up with something that really helps you feel cool despite of standing in the hot weather.

4-Ginger Juice

Honestly, ginger has the great properties to kill the hot-feel in your body and the Arabs have been familiar to it for so long. It means that you should also make it the integral part of your routine and the making never takes your more than five minutes. For a more nice taste, you can also use zaatar and mint, so do taste it and get both the taste and summer-resistant ability.

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