High-Altitude Trekking

Going to trekking at a high altitude is not for everyone. You have to be prepared in every way possible, either physically or in equipment when you are thinking of trekking. Hence, no one can really make it up to the top without really planning and preparing for it beforehand. There are many things to remember when you are trekking, and you just cannot miss out on these tips and tricks if you want to make it out of your trekking experience with safety and caution.

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1. Minimize stress

A beginner is likely to feel stressed when he is going on a high-altitude trek. You never know how the conditions at the high altitude are going to be during your trek. So, make sure that you mentally prepare yourself for this experience. Take plenty of time before you finally decide to go on the trip. You should realize that there are plenty of people who have gone trekking to high altitudes and even consider taking them as an inspiration for your upcoming journey.

2. See yourself trekking

Imagination is a great way that you can keep your focus intact. Make sure that you see yourself trekking every now and then because it is only going to help you better your overall upcoming journey. When you visualize yourself doing something, you tend to aim for that goal more. Hence, be very confident about how you are looking forward to seeing yourself during your time trekking.

3. Know that you are not going to get too comfortable

High-altitude places never really facilitate anything luxurious to the people going there. Hence, keep in mind that you cannot expect yourself to be too comfortable when you go to something high. Places like mountains or any trekking area are almost always rural, and no urban and luxurious facilities can be found when you are on a journey like that. So, you should prepare yourself for the lack of comfort and luxury before you go trekking to a high-altitude location because this will help you avoid a great deal of disappointment.

4. Practice controlled breathing

Practicing controlled breathing is likely to help you in your high-altitude trek. It is obvious that a person cannot really breathe properly at a high altitude unless he is trained well for it. Make sure that your physical conditions are just as prepared and ready to go high-altitude trekking as your mental willingness to do the same. Just being mentally prepared is not enough, so you have to mentally push yourself to practice controlled breathing by either going on lower altitude treks before the high altitude trek or by doing some physical activities every now and then.

5. Know your fears

It is important for a person to know his fears before he goes on a high-altitude trekking. Knowing your fear is always perfect for a person who is not sure of what is ahead of him. Going to a high-altitude trek really does not confirm anything safe or comfortable for you. You may have phobias and fears that even you don’t know about. Before you attempt, be sure of what scares you and how much of that fear you can possibly endure if you come through it during your trek.

6. Ease yourself up during your time of high altitude trekking

When you are finally set to go on the journey like Everest Base Camp Trek or ABC Trek or Gokyo Lake Trek, try your best to ease up. Things are never as tough as you make it. Plus, a lot of success in your high altitude trekking comes from your mental perception of your trekking. If you make it hard with your mentality, it is going to be tougher than it actually is and vice versa.

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