Here is our feedback and tips for getting well equipped for a fly fishing trip to Argentina or other destinations.

This article was built after our experience of our fly fishing trip in Patagonia Argentina in December 2019. The theme of our trip was fishing prospecting around Malargüe. And in roaming-camping mode on 2 trips of 3 days and 2 days of fishing per day.

Much of the material has been acquired over the years. A small part especially for this fishing trip in Patagonia.

Before giving you my various personal opinions on the equipment carried, I must tell you that I ( Baptiste CONQUET ) have been a Field And Fish brand ambassador since November 2019. I am not yet a fishing guide instructor in France. But I’m going back to training from February 2020. Frédéric Leroy, founder of the Field And Fish brand, gave me the chance to use his brand’s products for this trip in exchange for photos and feedback on the products in question. .

I sincerely thank him for the trust he has shown in me. And hopefully the values ​​we share, like preserving the planet and the environment. As well as our common passion which is fishing and particularly fly fishing, will continue in the future to unite us in this partnership.

Regarding my opinions on clothes, I still have a lot of trouble choosing the clothes and the quantity for a trip. But this time with the help of Michael, and his good advice, I was able to hold back my desires for “always more” and “just in case”.


Suddenly level clothes I was good in the quantity. And in a few clothes I was facing large temperature variations. As well as weather changes in the Andes at the heights we were fishing at. I will still have a great effort to make on the quantity of fishing equipment! But that’s also the prospecting game!

Other outdoor travel brands

For my part ( Michael ) with my past in the sale of outdoor equipment and equipment as well as my previous articles on the blog also allowed me to leave with equipment that I had selected and wanted to test with brands: Katadyn , Nemo , Light my Fire and Powertec . I would like to thank Julien from Atmosph’air for his trust.

Concerning Field and Fish , I had met him at the beginning of his adventure on the Virieu-le-grand reservoir . But I really met Fred when I went to buy at his shop near Annecy the selection of items that I wanted to test personally. Especially the Cargo travel bag for fishing. Our values ​​for outdoor activities, our awareness of the environment of which I was a member, like him, of 1% for the planet from 2007 to 2018, and a job in the outdoor trade have allowed us to have several topics for common discussion. And I was touched by his confidence in asking me to test during this trip a prototype that I present to you below.

Our protocol for our reviews

The following opinions are nevertheless objective and sincere. It was important to us to be as transparent as possible about our advantages. But also to remain free in our field returns by accepting that this may displease our partners.

Our opinions will at least have the merit of already offering you a checklist that is always useful for preparing a fishing trip to Argentina. But also to help you in your reflection on the choice of your material and equipment to take during this kind of trip. It’s up to you to make your own choices, hoping that this article will be useful to you.

PLEASE NOTE: our fishing trip to Argentina was in “roots” mode, which forced us to take camping equipment, which we have also detailed. This may interest other fishermen but also other globetrotters.

Horseback riding for a fly fishing stay in Argentina in the Valle Noble

But there is another climate that we do not imagine belonging to Patagonia. The desert part is the “  Estepa Patagónica ”, understand the Patagonian steppe. I call it Northern Patagonia, but it’s not just in the north. It is also along the Atlantic coasts. Like for example the provinces of “  Rio Negro ”, “  Chubut  ” “  Santa Cruz ”, which have part of “  Patagonia Húmeda  ” to the west against the mountain range, and “Estepa Patagónica” to the west against the ocean Atlantic.

Fly fishing in Malargue

The region we fished is the southern part of the province of Mendoz a. This is the region of Malargüe at 1400 m altitude. This region is not strictly speaking Patagonia. But it has all the characteristics of the Patagonian steppe, climate, fauna and flora. It is on the border of the province of Neuquén . This is why I use the term Northern Patagonia.

The Malargüe region offers a large number of rivers, streams and lakes . It therefore offers a wide range of profiles that make it a paradise for fly fisherman , from simple beginners to the greatest experts . It is possible to fish small mountain streams in nymph or sometimes dry. As it is possible in the lower parts of certain rivers to catch beautiful fish in nymphs and streamers. Lake fishing enthusiasts can also have a great time, because many lakes are inhabited by beautiful bows, browns and sometimes char and brook salmon.

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