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While for some it’s just a hobby, for others fishing is a real passion rooted in their genes. Everyone agrees that it’s a wonderful activity that allows you to relax (Puns of circumstance;)) and enjoy the joys of nature.

Whether it’s with the gang of buddies or the little family, there are certain things that matter a lot and have the power to make your fishing trip memorable or execrable… Let’s get started!

Your fishing gear

Depending on where you’re going for your trip, the chances of a specialty fishing shop opening nearby are slim. So you have to plan ahead and equip yourself accordingly.

Fishing rod and reel

Whether you’re fly fishing, casting or bait casting, it’s important to bring more than one set for your trip.

First of all, it is important to have the right equipment according to the desired species. For example, if you are going to discover the Gouin reservoir, it is preferable to have a kit for pike and a kit for walleye in order to be able to appreciate the fights of each species at their fair value.

Fishing rods remain relatively fragile and during long trips, the risk of damaging them is very present (closing the tail gate of your pick-up on your rod, breaking your rod while fighting a big fish, etc.).

fishing lines

Yes fishing trips can be a costly expense, but believe me, not refreshing your fishing line before your trip is never a good decision. Whether in an outfitter or in free territory, the best travel destinations for fishing are often full of combative fish that will challenge you. Losing a record fish, because you wanted to save a few dollars can clearly leave you with a bitter taste… Don’t take a chance, rewind with new line adapted to the coveted species and therefore bring a spare spool or two just in case!

Lures and baits

Although outfitters often stock some of the most effective lures on their body of water, there is no guarantee that they will have the ones you are most comfortable with. Fishing on a new body of water is always very exciting, but unpleasant surprises are often part of the lot. Losing your only crankbait of the color that gets stuck because you got stuck on the bottom can also seriously ruin your trip. So get the species-appropriate lures in different colors, sizes and actions. So you’ll be able to tackle any fishing scenario and won’t be caught off guard.

The sides

Now that we’ve covered the easy-to-think stuff, there’s all that stuff that’s all-important, but for some reason we keep forgetting about…  Here’s a link to a topic in our community . You will find all the little things that will make your trip more pleasant (mosquito repellant, first aid kit, pliers, gravel etc.)

The food

While it’s easy to think that several boxes of macaroni and cheese will do the trick, you have to think that after a long day exposed to the elements (it can be cold, rainy or even snow early in the season) a good meal has the power to end a big day well. Plan your lunches in advance, your lunches and your dinners. You will have more time to fish!

Also plan a few meals based on your freshly caught fish to reward you for your efforts and why not bring two or three bottles of wine!

Also bring the necessary to cook in kind. Nothing beats a good shore lunch with friends or family. Definitely an experience you will want to have on a fishing trip.


Bring plenty of spare linens, warm clothes, lighter clothes, your raincoat, rain boots, sunscreen, windbreaker, winter coat, etc. If you think you have brought enough clothes, the chances are that you will surely run out, so don’t hesitate to add a few more pairs of socks!

The type of accommodation

With so many possibilities out there, you should ask yourself: How comfortable are you camping? If this is your first camping experience and you want to bring the whole family, it would be wise to consider renting a cabin, for example. It’s important to make the right choice, because a week of family camping in the rain could easily turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

Take the time to chat with the outfitter, do your research with other fishing enthusiasts via our online community, and you’ll be in a better position to make your decision.


A point often overlooked is the famous choice of vehicle. In order to make the most of the journey to get to your fishing spot, you will need to carry all your equipment, transport your friends and/or families and often face rough and fairly difficult roads to access.

Imagine all of you cramming into the small family car fearful of getting stuck in a forest road. Now imagine yourself comfortable in a Ford pickup with best-in-class towing capacity that ensures you have enough space for all your luggage and trouble-free transport of your fishing boat even in difficult conditions. Difficult conditions.

The choice is simple, not to mention the other benefits that a truck suitable for this type of trip can bring you. For example, Ford F-150’s all-new Pro Trailer Backup Assist lets you easily back your fishing boat up the boat ramp by automatically steering the truck so you don’t waste valuable boating time. sin.

We hope that these few tips will help you in your efforts and that you will be able to live an unforgettable moment in nature enjoying real life!

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